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  1. If in doubt, ask
  2. Safely first
  3. Be a good neighbor
  4. Respect the space
  5. Clean up after yourself
  6. Check equipment safety guidelines
  7. Work together
  8. Break out of your comfort zone
  9. Learning is a team effort
  10. Have fun!

General Guidelines:

  1. All patrons under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  2. Print jobs that are not picked up within the specified time will be disposed of.
    • 3d prints must be picked up one week after printing has completed.
    • Plotter jobs must be picked up within 48 hours of completion.
  3. No print jobs can be accepted during the last hour of operation.

Prohibited Uses:

  1. Ensure that the Makerspace is an ethical learning environment, the creation of certain projects is prohibited. Users will not be allowed to create projects which are:
    • Against local, state or federal law
    • Unsafe, harmful, dangerous or pose a threat to the well-being of others
    • Contribute to a hostile academic or work environment
    • In violation of another’s intellectual property rights
    • Considered sexually explicit or otherwise offensive at the sole discretion of Cornell
  2. The Library reserves the right to refuse any fabrication requests

Hold Harmless and Assumption of Risk:

By using the equipment in the Makerspace, you understand and agree that there are risks involved using the equipment and hereby accept any and all risks, including but not limited to property damage, personal injury, disability, and death. To the fullest extent permitted by law, you agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Cornell University from and against any and all claims arising out of or resulting from your participation in the Makerspace.